The seeds of freedom!

Our farm is nestled in the agricultural area of Shahama/Bahia in the outskirts Abu Dhabi City. Our love for nature brought us to live in this peaceful setting. Here we follow our passion by promoting agriculture systems that are chemical free and GMO free. We think “local first” and focus on family and community building.

We are what we eat

We envision a new era of people making conscious food choices, and joining together to promote knowledge, transparency and safety in the consumer’s market.

Farm to fork

To provide all with healthier food choices, and to contribute in transforming food systems to support in building a fairer, safer, and healthier society.

“We inspire, we facilitate and we encourage to rediscover the pleasures and benefits of real food.”

These are our roots…
  • We believe the answer to a healthy lifestyle is to consume sustainably raised, locally grown, minimally processed, wholesome foods.
  • We believe in the intimate connection between creatures, land and their sustenance.
  • We value artisanal production and prefer quality over quantity.
  • We believe our purchases should reflect our values.
  • We value integrity and embrace diversity.
  • We believe that awareness and dedicated efforts to build new habits can shape the new generations.
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